Key Changes Therapy Services

Art Transforming Therapy

Our mission is to give all people the chance to benefit from creative arts therapies.

Our vision is to see arts based therapies become an integral part of healthcare.

Music therapy services helping both children and adults achieve their potential. Board Certified Music Therapists addressing clinical, therapeutic goals in the Midlands.
Experienced, dedicated, and creative speech language pathologists are here to enthusiastically help with all of your communication needs.
Occupational therapy services provided by talented therapists to help children become independent in self care, coordination and dexterity, feeding, cognition, and sensory processing.
Music lessons with a therapist’s touch. Applied music lessons on guitar, piano, voice, and ukelele. Our teaching methods are adapted to meet your learning needs.
Our talented staff of professionals provide creative arts therapy experiences, event facilitation, and education about creative arts therapies and the impact they can have on your community.


Get To Know Us

Our History

Key Changes Therapy Services, Inc was the first and only full-time music therapy clinic in the Midlands. We have specialized in changing the way healthcare is done since 2010 and in 2019, we shifted our operations to a non-profit model so that we can work towards seeing creatives arts therapies as an integral part of healthcare. As pioneers for the field of music therapy in South Carolina, we are still dedicated to providing stellar quality music therapy services, top-notch communication, and memorable educational opportunities. Each of our therapists maintains the highest professional credential possible. That certification is our pledge to provide effective, evidence based therapy services to our clients.
In addition to pediatric speech and occupational therapies, we distinguish ourselves by providing creative arts therapy services for people of any age and ability. Our music therapists have experience working with individuals diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, William’s syndrome, emotional and behavioral disorders, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, and more. Occupational therapists work with children on fine and gross motor skills, completing daily tasks like dressing and feeding, sensory integration, and coordination. Our speech therapists work with children to develop their ability to communicate, listen, and be understood anywhere that life may take them.
At Key Changes, we promise to provide evidence based therapy services that addresses our clients individualized, clinical, therapeutic goals. We promise to communicate, listen, and learn as we work with each and every one of our clients.