Goal Setting’s Forgotten Step

We’ve all seen the goal setting worksheets before. They are decorated with ladders, or roads with pit stops, or steps, or some other combination of supposedly encouraging and affirming imagery.

While these are great, and I’ve used them a thousand times to break down seemingly insurmountable tasks, did you know that they are incomplete?

The reality is […]

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A Story That You Need to Hear about Music Therapy and Autism

I’ve often thought about how it would be to go through the day without having to explain to someone what it is that I do. I wondered how it would feel to answer the question “So what do you do for a living?” with a one or two word phrase and have the conversation end […]

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Progress and Documentation

Oh how time makes fools of us all.

Sometimes it seems as if there is too much time. Other times it seems that it is going by far too quickly!

Yesterday, when I thought I had time to sit down and blog, I asked my twitter followers what they wanted to hear about. Carolyn Daschinger responded that […]

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Why Music Therapy Works: Older Adults and Dementia

Welcome to the fourth post in the Why Music Therapy Works series! If you like this post, be sure to check out the other posts in the series!

Aging is a part of life. We live, we get older, and frequently need continued supports as we do so. This post addresses two aspects of aging: Supports […]

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3 Tips for Finding Motivation in the Sludge

Unless you are Mrs. Beaver, you probably have days where it’s hard to look at your to-do list.

Today I realized that I have been in that slump for the past few weeks. I hadn’t felt motivated. I wanted to reach out, but I couldn’t get the work done. I know I am not the only […]

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Consultation and Supervision Services

One of my passions has always been passing on my knowledge, and I am now making that available to you!

Key Changes Music Therapy Services is adding consultation and supervision to it’s list of available services. If you are a new professional, taking the leap into private practice, or in need of a fresh perspective on […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: Words from the Professionals

As a final wrap up to our Preparing to be a Professional series, I want to share with you some of the things that real live professional music therapists wish they had known when they started out. It sparked a really great conversation on twitter. Rachelle Norman from Sound Scape Music Therapy really cranked them […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: First Job

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your music therapy internship. Hopefully you kept your head down, performed well, didn’t get involved in any company drama , and got your passing grade and now have a diploma. If things are working in your favor, you might even have a job lined up!

My first job as a music […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: Egos and where to put them

Last week we had a wonderful discussion going on in the comments section about ways to cope with and plan for transitioning from a student to a professional. Thank you to everyone who commented!

This week’s topic is the ego.

In school, you’ve hopefully taken advantage of the opportunities to succeed. Perhaps you have become a leader […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: things to do as a student

Life is full of transitions.

As a young music therapist, I’ve dealt with some pretty big ones in the past 3 years. The nature of our degree is that within a year, two major changes happen. We go from student to intern, and then intern to professional. Navigating those changes can be difficult by themselves, but they are often coupled with weddings, big moves, and more often than not, financial difficulties.

The next 5 weeks will offer some insight into the transitions as well as some helpful tools of survival as you move from student to professional. If you’ve already made the transition, feel free to comment with your own thoughts and reflections!


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