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Self Ownership- Owning what you do and loving yourself for it

I have made a very important discovery while building Key Changes. It may be one you made a long time ago, never had to make, or have yet to realize, but no matter where you are in the process, some attention to it is beneficial.

That discovery is the concept of self […]

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Money, Money (Step 5, part two)

So last time (it’s been a while, I’m a slack blogger!) we talked about the financing of your business and how to figure out what it will cost. Today I’m going to go through some financing options for running your business and tell you about my experiences with each.

Saved up money

This is your easiest option. […]

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Your Untapped Marketing Resources

This fits in with my Starting a Business series, but I’m listing it separately because I haven’t gotten to that part of the series yet. I’ve been lazy, I know, but we’ll discuss start up funding options later this week!

One of the hardest (and most fun, in my opinion) things about running a business is […]

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Quickbooks and e-mail invoices

I lost my images when my server went down. If you would like more assistance with this tutorial, please e-mail me at

Okay so I have been a very very bad blogger. I have a bad case of the lazies this week that I am pretty sure are caused by the colder temperatures in the […]

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Money Money (step 5, part one)

If you have been with us this long in the Starting a Business series, you obviously want to start a business! Now, we’ve talked about creating your business plan, your brand, and beginning to advertise and market. However, there is a gaping hole in our planning strategy thus far: Finances.

If you looked through the table […]

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Starting a Business- Things you can do now (Step 4)

Last time, we discussed working on your business plan. We also talked about a good resource for helping you build your business plan, the SBA. Depending on your timeline, you might need to go ahead and move forward with some parts of developing your business while you work on the plan.

Today I’m going to list […]

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Starting a Business: Planning (Step 3, Part 2)

In part one of the planning section, we discussed sections of the business plan that you can write with relatively little research. There are more sections that can be done without research than I mentioned, but if you browse through the Business Plan Outline, you should be able to find them easily.

In this post, I’ve […]

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Starting a Business- Planning (Step 3, part 1)

Last week we took the first steps to starting the growth of your business. We discussed how to approach the idea, decide on it, and who to talk to. Today we’re going to be talking about the planning stages of setting up your business.


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Starting a Business: Who to Talk To (Step 2)

Earlier this week we talked about getting the idea for your private practice, and all the questions you should ask yourself before deciding to move on that idea. Today, we’re going to talk about who to talk to if your decision was yes, to do it.

In starting a small business, there are hundreds (if not […]

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Starting a Business: The Idea (Step 1)

Happy Labor Day! In honor of this day of celebrating workers, I’m beginning my series documenting my foray into private practice, and hopefully helping out some other workers along the way. Enjoy!
Since the idea to start a private practice took root in my head, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some pretty awesome music therapists through the internet. You can find many of their links on my links page, and a lot of their inspiration in how I manage my online presence and practice. One person who I look up to as a role model is Kimberly Sena Moore of the Music Therapy Maven and Neurosong Music Therapy Services.

When I finally made the decision to begin the process of creating a practice, the stars were aligned (or whatever fate metaphor you prefer to use), and Kimberly had just began posting a series that she titled Private Practice 101. I hope she doesn’t call me on copying her, but this is the beginning of my own series about going into private practice. Kimberly’s series was wonderfully technical, marvelously helpful, and I don’t think could be done any better. So I won’t. My series will also feature the steps of starting a private practice, but will focus more on the emotions tied to starting a business (part of me is still in psych, and can you blame it, really?)

So, it is with pleasure that I present to you step one: The Idea.


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