Preparing to be a professional

Announcing: Your Guide to Early Professional Success

I’ve been trying to build the suspense. I’ve slipped a few times discussing what I was working on, but I don’t think I gave away too many details.

I’ve been sitting on this now for nearly three whole weeks, and if you know me, you know that is a big deal.

That is why I am absolutely […]

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From Me to You, New Professional

There are many incarnations of the new professional. There’s the job hunting new professional, there is the newly employed new professional, there is the self employed new professional, and then there’s the starting the become jaded new professional.

No matter your incarnation, or professional persuasion, I have something for you!

See you on June 28th!

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Important Considerations for Interns

The life of an intern isn’t an easy one! You’re pushed out into the world on your own and all of a sudden, independence looms in the future. You have to think of getting a job, where you want to live, and a thousand other things!
The good news is, I’m here to help.
See you on […]

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I’m Calling Out All Students

That’s right students. Time to get on the ball!

Don’t forget! June 28th!

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How to Not Be A Confused Student/Intern/New Professional

Dear Students,

Have you ever tried something new only to find that you had all the answers and executed all associated tasks flawlessly? Have you found yourself a total and complete natural ready to leap to the top of the professional heap at the mere mention of you chosen path?

The answer for most of us is […]

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Guest Post: To Jump or Not To Jump? A Student’s Transformation

This is a guest post by Cassidy Smith, an undergraduate student at The Florida State University.

Finally, my first music therapy conference. I had regretted missing out on this ever since I’d begun hearing about it from my fellow students, returning full of stories and passion for music therapy. I was all ready; I’d found a […]

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Speaking to Students: Scary!

Yesterday was a terrifying day.

I have gotten up and spoken in front of a lot of different people: parents, children, doctors, professors, teachers, and the list goes on.

Never have I, as a professional, formally spoken to students in my field. Yesterday, I delivered the keynote for the opening session of the student conference. I spoke […]

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Consultation and Supervision Services

One of my passions has always been passing on my knowledge, and I am now making that available to you!

Key Changes Music Therapy Services is adding consultation and supervision to it’s list of available services. If you are a new professional, taking the leap into private practice, or in need of a fresh perspective on […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: Words from the Professionals

As a final wrap up to our Preparing to be a Professional series, I want to share with you some of the things that real live professional music therapists wish they had known when they started out. It sparked a really great conversation on twitter. Rachelle Norman from Sound Scape Music Therapy really cranked them […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: First Job

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your music therapy internship. Hopefully you kept your head down, performed well, didn’t get involved in any company drama , and got your passing grade and now have a diploma. If things are working in your favor, you might even have a job lined up!

My first job as a music […]

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