Hard Work and Harmony: the art of letting things happen

If you could put all of your parent’s teachings into one sentence, what would it be?

My dad’s was: Work hard for what you want and let nothing hold you back.

I always followed his advice, throwing myself into studies at school, finding a way to make things happen, and learning to be forward and assertive. However, […]

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Self Ownership- Owning what you do and loving yourself for it

I have made a very important discovery while building Key Changes. It may be one you made a long time ago, never had to make, or have yet to realize, but no matter where you are in the process, some attention to it is beneficial.

That discovery is the concept of self […]

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Kat Fulton over at Rhythm for Good posted a wonderful article about self care in serving clients. I want to emphasize that for myself in my operation of Key Changes, because self care was definitely not something that was prioritized at Hall. While running a business is inherently stressful, I already feel as if I […]

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