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Inherent Good

This post is not the normal blog fare, please pardon if you’re new!

Being someone who works with people, I’ve seen a lot of bad and I’ve seen a lot of good. Fortunately for me, the majority of my professional work has been with people who are either good, or struggle with ‘goodness’ due to issues […]

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Self Ownership- Owning what you do and loving yourself for it

I have made a very important discovery while building Key Changes. It may be one you made a long time ago, never had to make, or have yet to realize, but no matter where you are in the process, some attention to it is beneficial.

That discovery is the concept of self […]

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We have had some weather here in South Carolina! First it was no rain for a month, then two days of downpour. The sun came out again briefly yesterday and then back to rain again. I’ve been itching to sing the Cloudy Day song courtesy of Rachel Rambach over at Listen and Learn Music, but […]

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How I Found Music Therapy

When you are a Music Therapist, you get used to being asked a lot of questions. The number one question is typically “What is that and how/why?”. Many music therapists have an at the ready response to this question (I know I do, and you can listen to the Music Therapy Roundtable’s comments on this question as well), but my favorite question of all time is
“How did you decide to become a music therapist?”
During the course of applying to school for my degree and interviewing for internships, I realized that I really enjoy my answer to this question. It has all the elements of a good story: anger, loss, trouble, enlightenment, growth, and discovery. I found myself repeating it again and again to other students, professors, and internship directors and it always managed to elicit a smile. I will tell it to you here in full, and I’d love it if you would share with me how you found music therapy, whether you be a practitioner or a consumer.


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