Expanding Your Rhythm Band On A Budget: Holiday Version

Raise your hand if you are still working on your holiday shopping!


Raise your hand if you didn’t buy ANY holiday gifts before last week!


Yes, that is right. I am a very slack holiday shopper.

In honor of all of the other slack holiday shoppers out there (or perhaps you are just looking to fill out around […]

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Building a Rhythm Band on a Budget

Music has some pretty awesome super powers. It can get your child to interact, play, smile, move, regulate emotions, and open gateways for communication.

The ability of music to generate these actions in children with autism or other disabilities is part of why it is so effective! While I would love the ability to live in […]

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Inherent Good

This post is not the normal blog fare, please pardon if you’re new!

Being someone who works with people, I’ve seen a lot of bad and I’ve seen a lot of good. Fortunately for me, the majority of my professional work has been with people who are either good, or struggle with ‘goodness’ due to issues […]

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