From Me to You, New Professional

There are many incarnations of the new professional. There’s the job hunting new professional, there is the newly employed new professional, there is the self employed new professional, and then there’s the starting the become jaded new professional.

No matter your incarnation, or professional persuasion, I have something for you!

See you on June 28th!

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Important Considerations for Interns

The life of an intern isn’t an easy one! You’re pushed out into the world on your own and all of a sudden, independence looms in the future. You have to think of getting a job, where you want to live, and a thousand other things!
The good news is, I’m here to help.
See you on […]

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I’m Calling Out All Students

That’s right students. Time to get on the ball!

Don’t forget! June 28th!

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2 Most Awesome Things to Happen in The US This Year (Thus far)

I’m not much of a political aficionado, but I do know what policies I like and don’t like.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember a few posts I made last fall about Music Therapy, Politics, and South Carolina. In them, I described our quest for a Music Therapy License here in […]

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How to Not Be A Confused Student/Intern/New Professional

Dear Students,

Have you ever tried something new only to find that you had all the answers and executed all associated tasks flawlessly? Have you found yourself a total and complete natural ready to leap to the top of the professional heap at the mere mention of you chosen path?

The answer for most of us is […]

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One Size Does NOT Fit All

The concept of one size fits all has always reeked of “easy way out” to me. Maybe it’s because I have a large head and can’t wear most hats (the clothing item most notorious–in my mind–for being one size fits all), or maybe it’s because I view the best service as individualized to fit the […]

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My Big Business Boyfriend is Afraid of Commitment

Have you ever had someone enthusiastically agree to go out on a date with you and then have them seem bored and disinterested at dinner?

Perhaps the better analogy would be the relationship that seems stuck. You’re ready to be exclusive, move in, pop the question, but for whatever reason, the other party is just not […]

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How to use your Fear

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes and is unique in its presentation for each of us.

We have the common physiological responses to fear that we can’t control for, but how we respond psychologically to fear is something we do have a degree of control over. There are those who get a thrill out of […]

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Why Music Therapy Works: Medicine

Welcome to the sixth and final post in the Why Music Therapy Works series! If you like this post, be sure to check out the other posts in the series!
Spending time in a hospital is something that none of us look forward to, yet it is a fact of life for many. Being displaced from […]

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Why Music Therapy Works: End of Life

Welcome to the fifth post in the Why Music Therapy Works series! If you like this post, be sure to check out the other posts in the series!

Much like aging is a part of life, death is too. At some point for each of us, the time for goodbye will come. For those with terminal […]

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