Starting a Business: The Idea (Step 1)

Happy Labor Day! In honor of this day of celebrating workers, I’m beginning my series documenting my foray into private practice, and hopefully helping out some other workers along the way. Enjoy!
Since the idea to start a private practice took root in my head, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some pretty awesome music therapists through the internet. You can find many of their links on my links page, and a lot of their inspiration in how I manage my online presence and practice. One person who I look up to as a role model is Kimberly Sena Moore of the Music Therapy Maven and Neurosong Music Therapy Services.

When I finally made the decision to begin the process of creating a practice, the stars were aligned (or whatever fate metaphor you prefer to use), and Kimberly had just began posting a series that she titled Private Practice 101. I hope she doesn’t call me on copying her, but this is the beginning of my own series about going into private practice. Kimberly’s series was wonderfully technical, marvelously helpful, and I don’t think could be done any better. So I won’t. My series will also feature the steps of starting a private practice, but will focus more on the emotions tied to starting a business (part of me is still in psych, and can you blame it, really?)

So, it is with pleasure that I present to you step one: The Idea.


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Ending and Beginning

I wrote a portion of this on my phone while I was waiting on enterprise to pick me up so I could get to my vacation in Charleston. Needless to say, I forgot about it until I got back, which is a good thing as I tend to obsess over work.

This will be a little picture heavy, so more after the jump. […]

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Two posts in one day. I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to really sit at the computer.  Just want to take a moment to show you pictures of our location and the clinic that isn’t as empty as it used to be!

1905 Marion Street!

The clinic after my spending an hour cleaning the dresser.

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