Music and Early Childhood

There is already a wealth of resources, information, and material about using music in helping young children grow and develop. I had the pleasure of writing an article for the South Carolina Early Childhood Association about music therapy’s place in early childhood development. As a result of that article, the Louisiana Early Childhood Association is […]

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Music Therapy and Speech

I’ve been admittedly slack about blogging lately. I’ll confess that I’ve been caught up in reading other people’s blog posts!

It’s no mystery to anyone who spends any amount of time with me that my primary instrument in school was voice. I am constantly singing or humming (much to my husband’s annoyance) any number of random […]

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Adding Music to Your Child’s Daily Routine

One of the wonderful things about music is that is travels. You can have CDs, MP3 players, small instruments, and your voice! An excellent way to help music travel is to use it throughout your day so that your child become accustomed to it’s presence, as well as benefits from it’s naturally soothing effects on […]

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We have had some weather here in South Carolina! First it was no rain for a month, then two days of downpour. The sun came out again briefly yesterday and then back to rain again. I’ve been itching to sing the Cloudy Day song courtesy of Rachel Rambach over at Listen and Learn Music, but […]

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Music Therapy and Children, Pt. 2

Earlier this week, we talked about Music Therapy with young children. A lot of the uses are similar for older children, and they are explored here, but I feel that the differences need to be paid attention as well.

Music as Fun: The same principles as I stated for younger children applies here. Music provides a […]

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Music Therapy and Autism at West Music

So I have to admit something.I love West Music. It is where I get almost all of my instruments, it’s where I go when I’m bored and wish I had more money, and they have some of the COOLEST things!Twitter was atwitter today with links to this video about West Music and their work with […]

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Music Therapy and Children, Pt. 1

“Children” is as diverse a word as anyone can ask for. The word covers anyone from birth to (in the US) age 18, any gender (or gender issue), any race, religion, height, weight, ability, disability, diagnosis, and combination created. So of course, any discussion of a treatment modality as it applies to “children” is going […]

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