How to use your Fear

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes and is unique in its presentation for each of us.

We have the common physiological responses to fear that we can’t control for, but how we respond psychologically to fear is something we do have a degree of control over. There are those who get a thrill out of […]

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Why not Teach? Why not Perform?

As a Music Therapist, I like to think I have a relatively large skill set.

Resulting from this skill set, there are often questions that arise. The two main examples of these being:

Why don’t you teach music?
Why not perform?

Then come the reasons:

You have such a way with kids.
People learn music from you when they couldn’t before.
You […]

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Consultation and Supervision Services

One of my passions has always been passing on my knowledge, and I am now making that available to you!

Key Changes Music Therapy Services is adding consultation and supervision to it’s list of available services. If you are a new professional, taking the leap into private practice, or in need of a fresh perspective on […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: First Job

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your music therapy internship. Hopefully you kept your head down, performed well, didn’t get involved in any company drama , and got your passing grade and now have a diploma. If things are working in your favor, you might even have a job lined up!

My first job as a music […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: Egos and where to put them

Last week we had a wonderful discussion going on in the comments section about ways to cope with and plan for transitioning from a student to a professional. Thank you to everyone who commented!

This week’s topic is the ego.

In school, you’ve hopefully taken advantage of the opportunities to succeed. Perhaps you have become a leader […]

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Preparing to be a Professional: things to do as a student

Life is full of transitions.

As a young music therapist, I’ve dealt with some pretty big ones in the past 3 years. The nature of our degree is that within a year, two major changes happen. We go from student to intern, and then intern to professional. Navigating those changes can be difficult by themselves, but they are often coupled with weddings, big moves, and more often than not, financial difficulties.

The next 5 weeks will offer some insight into the transitions as well as some helpful tools of survival as you move from student to professional. If you’ve already made the transition, feel free to comment with your own thoughts and reflections!


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2010 in Review

New Year’s Eve is upon us in a short 53 hours! As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely love this time of year. It holds so much promise and optimism for me.

I want to take this post to briefly review and reflect upon 2010. It’s been a pretty tumultuous year for me to say the least. It’s seen a lot of ups and downs and a whole lot of change, but I’m only going to share the highlights. If you want to know more, feel free to ask in comments! […]

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Confronting and Accomplishing Change

The New Year is a holiday that I really get the concept of. I’m a big fan of change: change for the better, change for the sake of change, even negative change as long as it doesn’t all happen at once. Change is even in my business name!  At the New Year, everyone is given […]

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Self Ownership- Owning what you do and loving yourself for it

I have made a very important discovery while building Key Changes. It may be one you made a long time ago, never had to make, or have yet to realize, but no matter where you are in the process, some attention to it is beneficial.

That discovery is the concept of self […]

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How I Found Music Therapy

When you are a Music Therapist, you get used to being asked a lot of questions. The number one question is typically “What is that and how/why?”. Many music therapists have an at the ready response to this question (I know I do, and you can listen to the Music Therapy Roundtable’s comments on this question as well), but my favorite question of all time is
“How did you decide to become a music therapist?”
During the course of applying to school for my degree and interviewing for internships, I realized that I really enjoy my answer to this question. It has all the elements of a good story: anger, loss, trouble, enlightenment, growth, and discovery. I found myself repeating it again and again to other students, professors, and internship directors and it always managed to elicit a smile. I will tell it to you here in full, and I’d love it if you would share with me how you found music therapy, whether you be a practitioner or a consumer.


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