How to Help Make Music Therapy Available To All

It’s likely that you or someone you know has benefited from Music Therapy. You may not have been aware that it was music therapy, or that you and your loved ones could benefit from it as well.

And if you do already know about Music Therapy (which, if you are reading my blog, you probably do!), […]

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On Gratitude and Opportunities

I am extremely fortunate.

I’m fortunate and grateful for many things in my life, but lately I’ve been thinking about the amazing support I have in my profession.

In my newsletter that went out today, I wrote about my excitement regarding the upcoming 2011 American Music Therapy Association conference.

The coolest thing to me is that I couldn’t […]

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The Perks of Being Involved

It’s getting to be that time of the year again!

Here in South Carolina, our professional association, The Music Therapy Association of South Carolina, meets twice a year. Meetings happen in the Fall and in the Spring, and we move the location about the state so that our professionals have a good chance of attending at […]

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Music Therapy 101: Finding the Music Therapist for You

Welcome to the third post in the Music Therapy 101 for the Newly Diagnosed series. Be sure to check out my other posts in the series and comment with any thoughts or questions.

Now that you know that music therapy is something you want to explore for your child, how do you go about finding a […]

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2 Most Awesome Things to Happen in The US This Year (Thus far)

I’m not much of a political aficionado, but I do know what policies I like and don’t like.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember a few posts I made last fall about Music Therapy, Politics, and South Carolina. In them, I described our quest for a Music Therapy License here in […]

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Shagging at SER-AMTA

As some of you might have noticed from my previous two blog posts (Conferences and Speaking to Students: Scary!), I had the pleasure of spending last week amongst 200 colleagues and students at the South Eastern Region’s American Music Therapy Association Conference.

As I stated in another post, conference is a great time to learn and […]

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Speaking to Students: Scary!

Yesterday was a terrifying day.

I have gotten up and spoken in front of a lot of different people: parents, children, doctors, professors, teachers, and the list goes on.

Never have I, as a professional, formally spoken to students in my field. Yesterday, I delivered the keynote for the opening session of the student conference. I spoke […]

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My Alone Time with Judy Simpson: How to Utilize your Resources

I have a confession to make. Let’s make it two confessions…

Confession One: The first two years of my professional existence didn’t involve my professional association, The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).

Confession Two: During this time, I fell into professional love with Judy Simpson who is the Director of Government Relations for AMTA.

What makes either of […]

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Ah, it’s a beautiful time of year. The air is crisp and clean, the leaves are brilliant colors, and off in Cleveland Ohio are over a thousand of my closest friends gathering to share and learn from each other about our wonderful profession.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this year, so it has me thinking […]

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Music Therapy and Politics

I asked some of my tweeps on twitter, “What do Music Therapists and Politicians have in common?”

I got some great responses! Here is a sampling:

“No one is quite sure what they do all day – or who pays their salaries!” From Rachelle at Soundscape Music Therapy.

“Neither worry about deficits.”From Bonnie in Ohio.

“Their good at making […]

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