Do you remember your childhood music recital? Dressing up to play, performing, and then your parents showing the recording to everyone they know. Did you know that this ritual isn’t guaranteed to every music student? Disabilities often prevent children from participating in this childhood rite of passage.

Our recital is a celebration of the growth and achievements of those children. It’s a showcase of the skills that they have been working on in their sessions with music therapists.

Many of these children would be unable to attend these sessions if not for the help of our community. That is why we’d like to invite you to join us in recognizing the incredible achievements of our artists at our recital on May 4th.

Artist Sponsors will have the opportunity to present a flower and certificate of recognition to an artist after their performance. A one-time contribution of $150 sponsors a single artist, and covers a month of half hour sessions. There are a limited number of sponsorship spots available. If you are interested in being a part of an incredible day, reserve your spot now.

To sponsor an artist at our spring recital, click the button below and select “Artist Sponsorship” and make a donation of at least $150.00. We will contact you prior to the recital about your artist!