One on one music therapy sessions are focused and individualized on addressing clinical, therapeutic goals through evidenced based music therapy practice. Detailed and personal treatment from a board certified music therapist creates an environment of safety and growth, enabling our clients to reach their clinical goals through music.

All music therapy treatment begins with our clinical assessment, a one hour long session with one of our board certified music therapists in which the individual’s abilities are assessed throughout various domains of functioning. After the assessment is completed, the assessment and treatment plan are communicated for  input from family and caregivers. Potential treatment goals include improve:

  • usage of social skills
  • motor function
  • communication skills
  • cognitive skills
  • emotional skills
  • behavioral skills

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We are thrilled to be able to offer speech services provided by talented speech language pathologists. Our therapists love communication, and love helping to facilitate it in the best way possible. Our treatment sessions are rooted in play, and we take the time to discuss your child’s progress and what you can work on at home after every session.

See us for music therapy already? Our speech and music clients have the option to do co-treatment sessions with both therapists! We also offer a special discount for attending both therapies.

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We offer occupational therapy services designed to meet each client’s specific therapeutic needs. Our therapists utilize a variety of activities involving play, games, and other activities to develop fine motor coordination, sensory processing skills, visual skills, play skills, social skills, and more.

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Piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, and general music lessons are provided by our board certified music therapists. Our experience working with people of all ability levels provides us with a unique skill set that makes customizing your learning experience a breeze. All of our students have the opportunity to perform in our annual recital each year.

Learning the way that someone else teaches instead of the way that you learn is never fun. We make sure that you have  positive, enjoyable learning experience that is catered to your abilities.

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Are you looking for a way to make your company stand out? Brainstorming ways to increase patient satisfaction? Need that extra boost of energy and connectivity for your staff?

We may have just what you are looking for. Music therapy has been found to increase patient’s overall satisfaction with their health care providers. Combined with the effect music therapy has on individual clinical goals,  it becomes a powerful tool in improving the level of care that you provide. Music therapy is also a valuable therapeutic tool when applied to activities such as team building and stress management for your staff.

Corporate services available to:

  • Medical hospitals
  • Educational facilities
  • Psychiatric facilities
  • Correctional facilities
  • Day centers
  • Long term care facilities
  • Short term rehabilitation facilities

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Group music therapy sessions provide the opportunity for participants to interact socially through music-based activities. We offer group music therapy sessions both at our clinic and through facilities and organizations throughout the community. We offer specialized music groups for children of all abilities in the summer, and music therapy groups during the school year based in interest.

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The Key Changes Difference

Each of our service areas share two things in common: passion and expertise. Our qualified therapists are experts at  our clients reach clinical goals and are masters at adapting their training to help different learners succeed on a variety of areas. With our wealth of knowledge, dedication to expanding our knowledge, and focus on our clients, you can be assured that you are in excellent, well trained hands.

What Our Clients Say

I have been impressed with the entire process from evaluation to weekly services. My son has responded and that is what I was looking for.
Parent, Columbia, SC
Our son is more verbal. He went from being almost totally silent to singing and dancing all day long. We couldn’t ask for anything better.
Danni, Columbia, SC
I feel that I have someone on my side who understands my son’s needs and works to help him recognize them and cope with daily pressures.
Monica, Columbia, SC
The therapists love the kids and are incredibly positive. They rejoice in every small victory and find specific ways to encourage greater successes.
Blair, Columbia, SC
This has made such a huge impact in our lives and I love all of the therapists in the practice!
Jenny, Columbia, Sc