Tell Me How Ya’ Feel!

One goal that I find I am working on more and more with my clients is expressive language and social skills, specifically the skill of initiating and maintaining reciprocal conversation. Although I have several songs that focus on encouraging my clients to express how they currently feel, I have yet to find a song that […]

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An Anthem for False Beliefs

I work with a lot of individuals that have difficulty with self-image as well as coping with certain emotions that accompany diagnoses of depression and anxiety. These individuals often have difficulty identifying false beliefs as well as how they affect their self-value, worth, and self-esteem. Have you ever seen the cartoons with the devil and […]

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Perspective in Music Therapy

The longer that I practice music therapy, the more I have found myself being inspired by the truly incredible individuals that I work with. This past week, I had one session in particular that got my gears going. This one individual I was working with has a tendency to “shut down” whenever they are faced […]

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Summer Music Groups

It’s summer music time again!

Last year, we explored our senses, created our own circus, and journeyed around the world.

This year, prepare to explore different letters, rock out with our favorite Disney movies, and learn about different types of music and instruments.

Want to sign up now? It’s easy.

Fill out the form below. Don’t hesitate to give […]

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