Gratitude is not an easy thing.
Sometimes, we toss the word grateful around without really reflecting on it’s meaning. We use it to only refer to the exceptionally good things in our lives. We use it when something out of the ordinary happens. We use it when we get saved from messing up

To me, the second […]

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Tips for Behavior Modification-Music Therapy Style!

Music therapists use many strategies and interventions that focus on numerous goals and objectives that fall under various domains such as language and communication, motor skills and coordination, social skills, and cognition. Music therapists are also extensively trained in managing specific behaviors when providing treatment. Often times family members and teachers that we work with […]

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Music Therapy is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Related Service

Parents in the greater Columbia area may not be aware that music therapy is a provided service for students via their local school system’s special education department.

This is wonderful news to many parents; however, adding additional services to your child’s IEP requires some footwork.

Below you will find a step-by-step process for adding music therapy to […]

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Adaptive Lessons (Part 2)

In my last blog, Adaptive Lessons (Part 1), I shared that the benefits of music lessons include improving fine motor skills, social skills, cognition, and auditory discrimination. My professional practice has given me the opportunity to create a variety of interventions used in these lessons. One example is facilitating exercises on the piano with a […]

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Closing The Door on 2015

At the end of each year, I’ve been in the habit of outlining the year past and my hopes and expectations for the coming year. This year’s post will be no different, but for the sake of brevity (because let’s face it, it’s New Year’s Eve!), I’ll be taking the columns and bullet points route!


We […]

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What is an Adaptive Lesson?!? (Part 1)

Here at Key Changes speech and music therapy are not the only services we offer. Our music therapists are also very talented musicians that specialize in teaching adaptive lessons for individuals both with and without special needs. For more information check out this blog post outlining the difference between music education and music therapy.

So what […]

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When Should I Consult a Music Therapist?

When is the time to try “music therapy”? Whether you’ve heard about it online or through word of mouth, read about it, or know someone who practices music therapy, you may have wondered when it is appropriate to consult a music therapist. To help answer this question, I’ve identified several cases when consulting a music […]

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Flooded with Emotion

The past few days have been tumultuous to say the least. Our beautiful city of Columbia  had taken day after day of endless rain that finally culminated in the past few days of record setting rainfalls. These rainfalls triggered catastrophic flooding in many areas. Dams broken, homes destroyed, roads washed out, power lost, and water […]

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Fun Facts about Music and Your Brain

Our brains are one of nature’s most incredible and complex pieces of machinery. Even to this day scientists, researchers, and doctors are still trying to unlock it’s secrets and mysteries.

As a therapist, I love to see how the brain responds to different music based interventions and therapeutic strategies I use to work on goals and […]

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Five Red Flags of Music Therapy

You wouldn’t think to ask your physical therapist, speech therapist, or occupational therapist: “Are you certified?”, “Have you maintained certification through your national and state association?”, or “Can I see a copy of your resume?” etc. You assume that the professional you are seeking services from is qualified and competent in their line of work. […]

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