Welcome To The Key Changes Family

Key Changes Music Therapy Services, Inc began as a dream for Columbia, South Carolina. Natalie Rousseau, formerly the Key Changes Owner and Director, realized that music therapy was available in some hospitals, but not available to the public at large. With the goal of making music therapy accessible to people who could benefit and educating the public at large about music therapy, Key Changes Music Therapy Services opened its doors in August of 2010. In September of 2014, Natalie’s dream expanded into Key Changes Therapy Services began to offer speech therapy services as well. In 2019, Natalie gave Key Changes to the public and Key Changes became a non-profit entity with the mission of giving all people the chance to benefit from creative arts therapies.

Key Changes Therapy Services, Inc

Key Changes Therapy Services has a history of being the first and only full-time music therapy clinic in the Midlands. We have specialized in changing the way healthcare is done since 2010. We have pioneered the field of music therapy in South Carolina and have taken that same dedication and determination to provide traditional habilitative therapies and ensuring access to creative arts therapies.
At Key Changes, we promise to provide evidence-based therapy services that address our clients individualized, clinical, therapeutic goals. We promise to communicate, listen, and learn as we work with each and every one of our clients.