Gratitude is not an easy thing.

Sometimes, we toss the word grateful around without really reflecting on it’s meaning. We use it to only refer to the exceptionally good things in our lives. We use it when something out of the ordinary happens. We use it when we get saved from messing up

To me, the second part of gratitude happens when we slow down and have gratitude for every moment, even the ones that were not that great.

2016, like 2015, saw a lot of growth for us at Key Changes. We welcomed a lot of new families through expanding our lesson offerings at the Cutler Jewish Day School, offering occupational therapy services, and the natural growth as word about our services gets out. We also welcomed new staff, with the addition of Ms. Tori, Ms. Megan, and Ms. Kelsea. Behind the scenes, we also have Ms. Katelyn (speech supervisor) and Ms. Shannon (recreation therapist).

But gratitude isn’t about the growth for us this year. It’s about each moment, the quiet, and the loud. Embracing the times when the clinic is quiet, as well as the times when two guitars are competing with the sounds of chalk on the chalkboard and story telling. It’s about the smiles and the frowns. It’s about conversations in the waiting room. It’s about checking off achieved goals and extending achieve by dates because we need a little more time.

I hope that you’ll pause with me to enjoy these images of 2016, and join me in being more present and in the moment in 2017. Because no matter what 2017 brings, we should experience it to the fullest.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

Natalie and the Key Changes Team