The time has come.  Fall schedules are being solidified.  The group room is clean.  Camps are over.
FB_IMG_1438441879389Between A Bug’s Life,  Color Prekinders,  Tell Me S’more,  and Classically Us! we have been busy!
But we wouldn’t trade it for the world. FB_IMG_1438441833190That is why we need your help to make our group offerings even better!
FB_IMG_1438441827526 We offer groups to meet your needs,  so tell us what they are! FB_IMG_1438441823958We want to hear from you! What can we do to make groups more accessible? What day or time works for you? What types of musical activities are you or. Your children interested in doing?

FB_IMG_1438441991550Let  us know in the comments, or you can email your answers through the contact us form!