In the midst of planning a group session this week, I found my mind going blank on what I could do with them. So, I began rummaging through all of my resources to see what I haven’t used in a while, when I stumbled on an activity that focuses on several areas I wanted to address at once, hot dog! Although I have used this activity several times in the past, I felt I needed to take it a step further. As I poured over pins on my Pinterest boards, through files in my computer, and books I have on my shelves I found a melody and lyrics coming to my head.

The Original Activity:

Play an instrument and assign a movement to the instrument (these instructions are also found in the lyrics of the song I wrote). I also love to ADAPT, ADAPT, ADAPT any intervention I can. With this in mind, expressive language skills can also be thrown into the mix, such as “When you hear the (name an instrument), you gotta’ (name an action word) your (name a body part).

What Goals Does this Activity Address?

–          It can develop and improve auditory perception and listening skills

–          Improve receptive AND expressive language skills as well as direction following

–          Improve and develop gross motor skills