Raise your hand if you are still working on your holiday shopping!


Raise your hand if you didn’t buy ANY holiday gifts before last week!


Yes, that is right. I am a very slack holiday shopper.

In honor of all of the other slack holiday shoppers out there (or perhaps you are just looking to fill out around the tree), I want to give you 4 more instrument ideas for making your family musical!

My post, Building Your Rhythm Band On A Budget, was a huge success, and I’m proud to report many more musical families as a result! This post will help you take it up a notch (or start it out big) while still maintaining a reasonable cost.  Want to put one of these under the tree? Simply click the picture and you will be taken straight to Amazon! Links ARE affiliate links!

Jingle Bells What kind of holiday season would it be without the sound of bells? Jingle bells are wonderful for every member of your family. There is never a wrong answer! You can buy them with a handle, or as a jingle bracelet that can be worn around the wrist if gripping a handle is difficult.


Cabasa I just got one of these babies myself, and I had been missing having one! While this is a fantastic instrument by itself, it becomes especially great when you have someone in need of tactile stimulation. Rubbing those beads around and around feels great, and makes a great sound as well!

Ocean Drum This is another new instrument I’ve added to my collection. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it before. The Ocean Drum can recreate the soothing sounds of the ocean, visually enrapture a child, as well as be a good source for learning cause and effect (those metal beads can be very loud!). It also functions just like any other from drum and can be hit with a mallet.

Rain Stick I love the plastic colorful version of this instrument for the kids I work with. They get to see why the instrument makes the sound it does, and, paired with other instruments, gives an excellent opportunity to talk about weather with your family!

Here’s a snapshot of my amazon cart with each of these in it! Our entire rhythm band thus  far is under $200!

Happy Shopping!