Words cannot begin to describe 2011.

With the opening of each new year, I clear my head and envision my hopes and dreams. Doing that in December of 2010 was difficult. I had no idea what to expect. In the previous months I had just opened a business, quit my job, celebrated a year of marriage, and honestly felt as if I was going crazy.

I will borrow my friend Kat Fulton’s term and say that on New Years Eve 2010, I “set an intention” for a successful and not so stressful year. In doing that, I paved the way for my own sanity, and the openness to let this fall in my lap! I couldn’t express more pleasure at how the year has turned out, so I’m going to indulge myself to relive it briefly!

Living With Support

To anyone here who knows me, I can be fiercely independent at times. This year has brought me the ability to recognize and appreciate the help that comes my way, and to remember to be grateful for all of those people (namely, my husband) who have helped me be successful this year.  This newly honed ability has led me to my next achievement of 2011.

Letting The Universe Work

So much magic has happened this year simply because I paused my worrying and let the rest of the world spin for a moment. As a habitual worrier, this has been a gigantic step for me! I fully believe that doing this enabled me to be open to the opportunities that have come my way: manifested as clients, contracts, friends, speaking opportunities, and more!

Manifesting My Passion

I realized early this year that I am stoked about students. I had the opportunity to speak to some awesome students at the South Eastern Regional Conference, I shared my posts about Preparing to Be a Professional on this blog, wrote an e-book,  and I launched the No-Nonsense Professional where I focus solely on creating new professionals! Having the opportunity (and inspiration in some other amazing people) has been phenomenal, and I can’t wait to do even more in 2012.

Achieving Some Serious Focus

Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder’s B-School really changed how I looked at myself, my business, and my whole purpose for being here. The unexpected gain from B-School was an introduction to this phenomenal tribe of ladies whose services I totally plan on utilizing at some point in the future!

Working With Some Seriously Awesome People

I wouldn’t be sitting in my office writing this right now if it weren’t for the wonderful people who I work with. First in line are my clients. I have the honor of bringing joy and healing to children and older adults. They keep me learning, on my toes, and constantly in awe of their abilities. Thank you to them. Thank you a thousand times.

My colleagues are inspirational. My colleagues are hilarious. My colleagues keep me learning, keep me motivated, and keep me positive. This year has brought to light the realization that while I am a solo business owner, I do not work alone. How cool is that? Special gratitude goes to Kimberly Sena Moore and Virginia Driscoll for hosting my guests posts, the Music Therapy Ben Folds Fans for starting something unstoppable (Rachel See Smith, Kat Fulton, Virginia Driscoll,  Meryl Brown, and Jamie George), the Music Therapy Round Table for having me on their special conference episode, Janice Harris for having me on The Music Therapy Show, and the students of the South Eastern Region of the American Music Therapy Association who didn’t think I was full of hot air at their keynote!


So what do I hope for in 2012? I hope for stability. I hope for calm waters. I hope for more connections to the wide world around me. I hope to keep enjoying life like I have this year. I want to keep growing, manage the growth, and be able to reach out to support and be supported even more!

What do you hope for in 2012? Let me hear it in the comments below!