Last week’s American Music Therapy Association’s National Conference Recap focused on the people I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with. Today’s post is going to focus on the opportunities that came about as a result of my attending my first national conference.

But don’t worry, people are still heavily features, because opportunities wouldn’t have happened without them!

The Opportunity to Connect with Students: I love students. I don’t hide this fact. I want for each and every one of them to be wildly successful and I think I can help them to achieve that! As a result of this passion, I interviewed 4 fantastic students throughout conference (and trust me, that was quite the feat scheduling-wise!). I got to pick their brains about their hopes and fears regarding becoming professional music therapists and I learned so much from them.

The Opportunity to Share My Passion: I was able to present the No-Nonsense side of myself in the clinical practice forum and hand out copies of my poster, handouts, and a save the date for a video series I’ll be doing over there in December. Talking to students, interns, professors, and professionals was really empowering! It’s one thing to know in your heart that what you are doing is needed, but a totally different one to have others agree with you!

The Opportunity to Participate with Fellow Social Media Divas: The Music Therapy Roundtable is the idea I wish I would have had! I had the somewhat chance opportunity (as in I was grabbed by Meryl Brown when walking down the hallway) to be a part of their special episode for the conference! You can check it out since it just posted today!

The Opportunity to Meet People I Read About: I know I mentioned this in my last post, but having Kenneth Bruscia pat my hand and ask if Doug Keith was mean as a professor and Deforia Lane listen to my “I Love Students” spiel and be into it until I spazzed and realized who she was were some serious highlights for me in conference. I know it’s a bit silly and fan girl-ish, but it is what it is.

The Opportunity to be a MTBFF: Okay, I couldn’t not say it. The opportunity to be a part of the group of fantastic ladies (Music Therapy Ben Folds Fans) who brought Ben Folds to Atlanta was amazing. We were able to make something really cool happen for our profession, and it has truly been a great opportunity!  I’m so excited about the future relationship between music therapy and Ben. 

The Opportunity to Give a Contract a Good Start: My instrument supplies are limited. I have more work rolling in every week (yay!) and not always the right supplies to manage it. The American Music Therapy Association Students gives an award out at each National Conference of instruments (or money for instruments) to a professionals in need. I spent yesterday (Cyber Monday) doing some shopping to supplement my supplies and am so grateful and thankful.

What opportunities did conference yield for you? Let me know in the comments!