The concept of one size fits all has always reeked of “easy way out” to me. Maybe it’s because I have a large head and can’t wear most hats (the clothing item most notorious–in my mind–for being one size fits all), or maybe it’s because I view the best service as individualized to fit the needs of the person.

I’ve been doing some brainstorming about Key Changes, so I apologize if this seems a bit stream of consciousness.

In healthcare, there is a lot of weight placed on evidence based practice. You need to know that the services that you are paying for has been proven to work, and those providing the service should be able to show that they have.

But what sets different providers of the same service apart? Why go to one therapist when another provides the same services rooted in evidence? What is it that makes you see one physician as opposed to another?

Better yet, what is it that makes you wait two months for an appointment when another can see you tomorrow?

Individual attention.

No one likes being on a therapeutic conveyor belt. Stamped, sealed, and delivered just like 500 of your closest friends.

By providing an individualized service to each client’s need, a professional sets themselves apart.

By providing an individualized service to each client’s need, I set myself apart. I like to get down where the little details are. I like to ask parents and caregivers questions, I like feedback, I like stories, I like history. I like to spend time getting to know my clients and meeting their needs.

I want working with me to feel like getting a new musical shoe fitted just for you. One size doesn’t fit all in hats, and one size definitely doesn’t fit all at Key Changes Music Therapy Services!