When I used to work in a hospital, I got to hear all kind of “how to take this pill” abbreviations. I hear “p.o.” which means orally, “i.m.” for a shot in the muscle, “b.i.d.” is twice a day, and “t.i.d.” means three times daily.

Remembering hearing these abbreviations got me to thinking “how would one prescribe music therapy? There are physicians who have prescribed music therapy as a treatment for their patients, but I wonder how they would describe just how to receive music therapy on a prescription pad.

My post Building A Rhythm Band on a Budget focused on how to get a dose of music at home, but did you know that Key Changes offers a few different ways for you to get your own dose of music therapy?

In Office Sessions: The majority of my music therapy sessions take place in my office in downtown Columbia. It is here that I can maintain the environment most efficiently, as well as have all of my tools (instruments!) at my disposal. I also have a lovely little waiting area where mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, and sister can wait and hear the music being made. I do both groups and individual music therapy sessions in my office.

In Home Sessions: I also moonlight as a traveling music therapist! If circumstances prohibit you from coming to see me in office, I will bring music therapy to you at your home or facility! Mondays and Fridays are my preferred travel days. At this time I only have individual sessions in homes, and group sessions in facilities, but if you or some of your neighbors want to host a weekly music therapy group at your home (or rotating homes!) I would never be able to say no!

In Office Sessions: I had the pleasure of kicking off a new service yesterday! Music Therapy is perfect for companies looking to improve employee morale, communication, and team work! Yesterday, I drummed with over 100 professionals from Global Spectrum at their National Conference here in Columbia. For three days they had been sitting in sessions, discussing business, and from all reports, not sleeping enough! The smiles and energy and thanks that I saw and received were phenomenal, and I really hope to continue growing this aspect of my business!

Unfortunately I was busy leading the group, so I didn’t get any pictures of the room full of drummers. Hopefully I’ll get some to post soon!

What are some other ways that you get (or give!) music therapy? I’d love to hear thoughts in the comments!