Have you ever had an itch that you couldn’t seem to scratch?

Over the weekend, I realized that in my blog’s lengthening life span, I have discussed a lot of different topics that surround music therapy, but never spoke deeply about why music therapy works.

This has been my unscratchable itch!

One of the biggest problems with scratching this itch is the diversity of music therapy. Music Therapists work with a variety of different types of people, and the way music therapy works is different for each one.

The series of coming posts will address music therapy and the reasons for its efficacy in:

1)      Young Children

2)      Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

3)      Mental Health

4)      Older Adults and Dementia

5)      End of Life

6)      Medicine

I don’t have the opportunity to work in all of these areas, so I welcome your conversations, questions, and insights.

Look forward to hearing from you!