One of my favorite areas to address in work with my clients is speech! This may have to do with my being a singer, but I love to make the chewy faces, to get my clients singing at the top of their lungs, and the giggles that tend to result from how silly we all feel making these noises.

I wrote a song with my younger clients in mind to help work on producing different speech sounds accurately and with proper breath control. The chorus of the song gives the instructions and some helpful reminders as to how to make the sounds, and then the melody of the song is repeated in a call and response on various speech sounds. There tends to be a lot of pointing and giggling when we get to call and response (mainly because the client ends up singing both call and response with me!)

I made some very simple and colorful cards with the sounds on them. This also serves the dual purpose of some reading assistance, since the client can see the letters and begin to recognize the connection between the shapes and the sounds.

I hope you enjoy this song. I have the feeling that I may have piggy backed it from someone, but honestly cannot remember. If the melody is your work, let me know! I’ve written many a song before only to go back and realize I piggy backed it from somewhere.

Match Your Voice

When I sing a tune, oh, sing it after me!

Match your voice to mine!

Use your air, move your mouth everywhere!

Match your voice to mine!

match your voice

(if anyone has any tips for putting audio up, I would GREATLY appreciate it!)