One of the wonderful things about music is that is travels. You can have CDs, MP3 players, small instruments, and your voice! An excellent way to help music travel is to use it throughout your day so that your child become accustomed to it’s presence, as well as benefits from it’s naturally soothing effects on their sensory system!

Here are a few ways to incorporate it:

Songs for daily events: Have music that plays during wake up and getting dressed. It can be classical music, some of your child’s favorite popular tunes, or some songs that address kills necessary for getting ready in the morning (getting dressed, brushing teeth)

Songs while driving that teach skills: I am not a mom myself, but I do know a lot of moms, and I know that long drives (and short ones!) can be difficult! Why not use this opportunity to add to your arsenal a few CDs that will help your child grow, learn, and develop! Luckily, I have a friend who happens to write amazing children’s songs, as well as a few recommendations myself that you can find on my suggestions list to the right (affiliate link!)

Songs for tasks: Brush, brush, brush your teeth! Adding a song to a commonly performed task like brushing your teeth, combing your hair, cleaning up, tying your shoes (the list goes on), will not only help motivate your child to perform these tasks, but they can also aid in building motor skills, thorough completion of the tasks, better comprehension of the tasks, and also build motor function and internal rhythm (try to brush your teeth while humming that song and see if you can brush faster or slower, it’s hard!).