We have had some weather here in South Carolina! First it was no rain for a month, then two days of downpour. The sun came out again briefly yesterday and then back to rain again. I’ve been itching to sing the Cloudy Day song courtesy of Rachel Rambach over at Listen and Learn Music, but no dice yet.

I got to have a lovely breakfast this morning with my friend and fellow music therapist¬† Sarah Pregnall, who reads this but hides, so everyone say hello Sarah! She was the only thing on my calendar today, so it’s a day of projects, naps, exercise, and updates!

If you’ve noticed (and I don’t blame you if you haven’t), I’ve been tweaking little things around the site. I’ve added ads (yes, I know, but you should click them for me), but the changes that I am the most excited about are the events calendar and the resources page!

The events calendar is located just to the right of this text. See it? On it, I will post any upcoming events that are open to everyone. You can see now that I have a moms, music, and coffee event listed, taking place over several evenings. One of the goals for my practice is to provide group music therapy sessions, so to kick that off and generate interest, I’m having this event. The idea for this event is that you, my dear local Columbia readers, will bring your child on the evening with their age group so that you can learn a little bit more about music therapy, enjoy some coffee, and have 30 minutes where I take care of your children.

The really, really important part of all this is that you, my readers, tell someone you know to join. In order for me to offer groups, I have to have enough children in an age category signed up!

The second update is a Resources section under “How You Can Help“. I’ve included in this section links to the various fliers I’ve created and distribute. Feel free to forward these to anyone you know that might be interested in music therapy treatment, or to a service provider that could pass the information on to others. Or, just use them to explain to your family members and friends who say “Your child is participating in what?”

And last but not least, I’m going to be making some public appearances this coming month. I will have an exhibit booth at South Carolina Autism Society’s Perspectives in Autism Conference. And I will also be presenting at Family Connection in Columbia on October 18th for the Autism Connection Support Group meeting.

Phew! I think that is it. I hope you are all having a wonderful week!