Kat Fulton over at Rhythm for Good posted a wonderful article about self care in serving clients. I want to emphasize that for myself in my operation of Key Changes, because self care was definitely not something that was prioritized at Hall. While running a business is inherently stressful, I already feel as if I am benefiting from simply being my own master. I am setting my schedule, I am planning my day, and if there is something I don’t feel like doing, I suffer the direct consequences of it instead of here being an indirect effect on myself or another.

Music Therapy is an instantly gratifying field in one way or another. Like many therapies, there is progress and regression. However in Music Therapy, there is always music! If I could add anything to Kat’s article, that would be it: Enjoy the moment. Yesterday, in assessing my first client, I tapped into this. My client was laughing and giggling, we were crawling on the rug, and playing twinkle twinkle little star. It was just fun. I felt good at the end of it, and I hadn’t felt that with any consistency about my work in too long of a time.

Now for another kind of gratification: waiting patiently to watch my marketing work pay off. There is an anxious part of me that worries if my clientele will build up, but then another part of me is secure in this leap of faith.

At the end of the first act of Rent, the character Maureen sings “Over the Moon”. Some of it’s most memorable lines include taking a leap of faith and finding a way to jump over the moon on a cow named Elsie. At the end of my first week operating Key Changes, I feel as if I’m still in mid-air, striving to make it over the moon.