I wrote a portion of this on my phone while I was waiting on enterprise to pick me up so I could get to my vacation in Charleston. Needless to say, I forgot about it until I got back, which is a good thing as I tend to obsess over work.

This will be a little picture heavy, so more after the jump.

This past Wednesday, the 11th, was my last day at William S. Hall Psychiatric Hospital.

While I have had a lot of difficulty and headaches and drama, I’ve also loved the kids and people I worked with. The day was somewhat bittersweet for me. On one hand, I was very excited to finally be free to devote all of my time to Key Changes, but on the other hand, I was going to miss walking the halls and having one of the 400+ people who work or stay there say my name and ask what’s up.

Another part of the bittersweet was my girl’s residential unit which I sometimes struggle with. At the end of session, they surprised me with a tearful group hug. One young lady who seemed to want nothing more than to get a rise out of me wrote me a note wishing me well and saying she’d miss my smile. One girl who could never seem to keep her hands to herself asked permission to play the bass drum as my goodbye. I had one of my residential boys tell me that he wishes I could have my business in his home town. One of the secretaries lamented over how she would miss the hurried click clack and jingle of me walking the halls. My ex boss tried to start drama, only to be firmly redirected by new (old) boss. It was a good day to highlight the aspects of working there that I loved, as well as the ones I disliked. There was also a potluck, did I mention I love potlucks?

However, the day ended and the time for vacation was come! I haven’t taken a vacation since my husband and I’s honeymoon back in November, so it was much overdo.

(sorry so fuzzy, my sister + camera phone)

I got back from vacation Monday evening and promptly set off the the Glenforest School for their parent night. I brought my handouts and cards and had a few parents express interest, so hopefully that will go somewhere! If you aren’t familiar with Glenforest School, I recommend you check it out.

After some well needed rest last night, I got up today to put the finishing touches on my clinic! I’d been performing a lot of astronomical, physics defying stunts to get things to where they were, but a few things remained.

When I was gone my keyboard, scarves, paddle drums, mirrors, and desk #2 came in. Today was spent primarily cleaning, doing some last minute shopping (like the coffee maker!), and putting desk #1 together. I managed to get most everything done before my Zumba class at the Y. So I decided to take somewhat of a 360 view of the two habitable rooms.

Without further ado, the waiting room:

I’m a pretty awesome shopper. Did I mention that? $39.99 chairs.There’s the culprit of my injured finger.

through that door is the kitchen:The Clinic:

So as you can see, things are a little spartan right now. If you are in Columbia or the area and have some old toys or decor items you want to unload, I’d be happy to browse through them!