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Natalie Mullis, MT-BC Owner and Director Natalie began Key Changes Music Therapy Services in 2010 and is passionate about making music therapy accessible in the midlands of South Carolina.

Ready, Set… ADAPT!

When looking into my music therapy bag-o-tricks I often find myself using the same interventions over and over again. I also find myself getting a little bored and pick up that my clients are bored as well. So, the question is “What to do?” The answer is simple…adapt!

Why is it good to adapt activities and […]

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Music Therapy and Aphasia: John’s Music Therapy Moment

As the Key Changes family has grown over the past year, we have welcomed many individuals with various diagnosis into it. As we have served individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, and individuals who have suffered a stroke, it has truly been an incredible experience to have worked with […]

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Dive Into A Book, Work Around The Farm, or Take a Road Trip?

I know I would do all of the above, and perhaps simultaneously!

This Fall, we are featuring three music groups at Key Changes Music Therapy Services! Our groups from this summer were so successful that we are doing it again, and this time, the group sessions will end in our Fall recital.

Ready to sign up? Do […]

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Where Does Technology End and the Therapist Begin?

The iPad is an incredible tool. I use mine in my practice daily and I know that Laura does as well. We use them for jotting down notes, displaying visual aides, supporting learning in lessons, providing communication assistance, and we use apps that help our clients to address their therapeutic goals. Many of our clients […]

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We are HIRING!

We are at it again over at Key Changes Music Therapy Services! We are ready to grow once more and are searching for a music therapist to join our team!

Do you think that you might fit?

Are you…

Board certified?
In love with the fact that you get to improve lives with music?
Passionate about working with children?
Excited to […]

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3 Benefits of Music Therapy for Children with Autism

I have a list of all time most popular inquiry call questions. Today we will be talking about number 2 on that list.
“My child has autism. How can music therapy help?”
This typically follows the all time most popular question of “What is music therapy?” With autism being such a common diagnosis, it is time to […]

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It’s A Music Therapy Explosion!

For the past few months, I’ve been having fond memories of when I was all over my social media, blogging once or twice a week, making videos, sharing information, and being a music therapy online social butterfly.

Some of you who are on twitter or facebook with Key Changes might be wondering what has happened!

An explosion […]

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3 Fast Facts About Music and Mental Health

Last week was Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in South Carolina, so we are here to wrap up! Music therapy has the potential to play a role in mental health services for children and adults, so here are three fast facts about music and mental health.

Music permits a person to express themselves non verbally […]

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Growing to the Beat

It’s been a little over a week, but finally the dust has settled enough for me to look back on our recital, Growing to the Beat, and feel really incredible about the accomplishments of each participant. Holding a recital is something that I have really wanted to do for a while, but never felt that […]

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Take a Peek Into Our World

Many of the families that we work with get to see the results of our work, but often aren’t present in the session themselves. We compiled a selection of clips from our music therapy and private lesson sessions to give you a glimpse into what happens in our world here at Key Changes.


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