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Janelle Sikora, MM, MT-BC Music Therapist and Education Director Janelle joined Key Changes in 2013.

When Should I Consult a Music Therapist?

When is the time to try “music therapy”? Whether you’ve heard about it online or through word of mouth, read about it, or know someone who practices music therapy, you may have wondered when it is appropriate to consult a music therapist. To help answer this question, I’ve identified several cases when consulting a music […]

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Five Red Flags of Music Therapy

You wouldn’t think to ask your physical therapist, speech therapist, or occupational therapist: “Are you certified?”, “Have you maintained certification through your national and state association?”, or “Can I see a copy of your resume?” etc. You assume that the professional you are seeking services from is qualified and competent in their line of work. […]

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Music Therapy and the Department of Veterans Affairs

Did you hear? The Key Changes team had the wonderful opportunity to be guests on “Take Point!” radio show on 95.9 to discuss music therapy and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We were able to cover topics such as the following: (1) how music therapy works; (2) a hypothetical case study example; (3) potential […]

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Advocating for Music Therapy

As a music therapist, I encounter many misconceptions of music therapy and how it works. Music therapists are constantly advocating for the profession and educating others on the benefits of music therapy as noted in evidenced based research. We also emphasize the importance of having a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) when implementing interventions, because […]

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Music Therapy or Music Education?

How is music therapy different from music education? Why should my child receive music therapy if they have a music class at school? Do they work on the same things? If these are some of the questions that have crossed your mind then continue reading as the purpose of this blog post is: to explain […]

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“The Music Therapy Practice Act” Bill S. 589

Have you heard? We have a bill on the floor titled “The Music Therapy Practice Act” and we need your support!

There are currently over 70 board certified music therapists in South Carolina providing services to individuals of all ages and ability levels who have special healthcare needs that include: developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, acquired brain […]

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How My Sister Impacted My Career

Not many people know this about me but I have a sister, Melanie, with special needs. Growing up, I did not understand that she was “handicapped” or had a “physical and mental disability”, I just knew she was different.  I didn’t understand that my path in life would be a little different than my friends […]

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Why is Music Therapy so Hard to Define?

As part of the training for our internship and career we are prepped to define music therapy to strangers, colleagues, and other professionals. Why? So we can educate, advocate, and validate what we do. When you are asked consistently throughout your professional life what exactly you do for a living, it can be pretty difficult […]

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The Demand for Music Therapy with the Older Adult Population

There are multiple labels for those that are older in age, such as; geriatric, senior citizen, the elderly, and older adults. The age where this population starts can be unclear as well. For example, the government defines the age of the elderly as 65 whereas the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) allows persons to […]

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The Real Perks of Working in a Private Practice

As a Music Therapist, we have the opportunity to work with a variety of populations and upon graduating we have the potential to apply for part-time or full-time positions in:

Children’s Hospitals
Behavioral health centers
Substance abuse or detoxification units
School systems
Assisted living facilities
Nursing homes
Rehabilitation facilities

Last but certainly not least, we have… the private practice.

Private practices are different from […]

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