Hi there! It’s Natalie chiming in for the first time in a long time! I hope that you enjoy a slightly more introspective post amid the awesome stories and research that Janelle, Laura, and Amy have been sharing.

As my fourth New Year’s Eve begins, I have to pause and look back at the past year. Each of these posts always share some version of “I’m so amazed at our growth!”, but this year is a bit different.

This year, we didn’t grow and I am okay with that.

I sent out almost the exact same number of customer satisfaction surveys as in 2013, and I am okay with that.

We did almost the same amount of billable hours, and I am okay with that.

We ran a few programs that succeeded. We ran a few programs that didn’t. I am okay with that.

We moved. Again. I am okay with that.

I managed to take three months away and snuggle my new baby and the whole thing didn’t come crashing down.

I took the steps to set up expanded services and better customer satisfaction in the new year.

I set new goals for us for next year and I am thrilled to see us meet them.

So am I happy to see the close of 2014? Yes and no. I’m excited to be moving forward, but the process of learning as we move forward makes me anxious. I’ve set intentions for the new year like I never have before. I have big goals and big dreams for 2015 and I hope that I can meet them to my satisfaction, but more importantly, to the satisfaction of my customers.