Four years ago, I had no idea where I would be standing right now.

Four years ago, I had no idea if my company would even still be in existence.

Four years ago, I had no idea that this little company name would come to mean so much to myself and others.

Today, I am thrilled to celebrate the 4th birthday of Key Changes Music Therapy Services, LLC. This birthday means a lot because it is also the last birthday of Key Changes Music Therapy Services. In just a few weeks, we will no longer be known by that name, but will simply be Key Changes Therapy Services.

Things I did not expect to have at the four year mark:

  • A team (TEAM!) of therapists working with me to bring the best services in town.
  • A bond with clients and parents that feel likes family.
  • Name recognition within the community. Folks know about us, even if they don’t quite understand what we do.
  • The support of the local therapy community. It couldn’t be more clear as I learn the ropes and navigate this transition that we are making.
  • The ability and trust to take three months off of work to bond with my son, all the while knowing that my business is in good hands.

Things I thought I would have at 4 years but do not:

  • A full caseload for myself. My role has changed significantly from what I thought it would be four years ago. I now find myself as an administrator more so than a therapist. It is bitter sweet, but works for now.
  • A lot more grey hair. I do have my share, but the past four years have been an adventure more than a trial.
  • A sense of being a entrepreneurial rock star who knows everything. I do know a fair bit, but, like the past two months of parenting, it is all trial and error and what works sometimes doesn’t always work.
  • A ton of music therapy groups at our clinic. We are still working on this! We just haven’t found the magic combination to make it work yet.

Owning and operating this business has been transformational for me. I hope it has been transformational for the people that we have served over the years. We are still growing, and have a long way to go until we slow down. I hope that the next four years are just as inspiring as the past four and I cannot wait to share them with you!