For the past two weeks, my twitter and facebook have quite literally exploded with amazing advocacy posts from my colleagues! Ben Folds is even supporting music therapy with #followMTweek on twitter. I even had a phone call asking if I saw an advocacy post!

Clearly the internet is abuzz with music therapy advocacy this month.

I’ll admit that I’ve been in a state of overwhelm and was planning on writing a short but succinct article about advocacy and why I happen to #lovemusictherapy. However, the creativity of my colleagues inspired me to put my to-do list aside and use my hour break for something other than notes and billing and the IRS!

That hour led to a cover and remake of Regina Spektor’s song How from her most recent album. In my area, I’ve done so much education and advocacy that I’d like to think that everyone within a 100 mile radius has heard me yell about music therapy and it’s benefits and it’s objectivity, but that is not likely that case! In my new lyrics to How, instead of agonizing over how to let a love go, I’m educating about music therapy: what it is and how to find one!

But enough talking. Enjoy!