Novels have chapters. Epic poems have stanzas. Songs have verses.

I’m not sure what the tale of Key Changes Music Therapy Services will evolve into, but we are definitely in the midst of writing a new chapter.

Insurance billing is a definite journey, and one that I could not have even contemplated without the thoughtful guidance and patients of Jamie George, M.M., MT-BC.

I’ve gotten a LOT of questions from other music therapists in regards to billing insurance. In fact, just before I sat down to write this post, I checked my claim status on my first ever submission and saw that it was accepted. After I did an extravagant happy dance throughout the Starbucks that I am sitting at, I posted the news to Facebook and immediately received an e-mail from yet another music therapist about insurance billing.

I’m going to clear up one huge misconception in regards to billing insurance, then I’m going to tell you where you can get the love and guidance that I have received so that you can bill insurance as well.

The Big Misconception Music Therapists Make About Insurance

“I can’t bill insurance because I’m not a physical therapist or occupational therapist or speech therapist or licensed counselor. I need credentials in addition to my MT-BC in order to bill.”

In the case of private insurance companies, this is false. Individual insurance companies set their own rules and guidelines in regards to what they will pay for, and all that most of them need is to have medical necessity proven. They want to make sure they are giving their money to something that has value, just like you won’t spend large amounts of money on something that has no value to you.

Yes, you might have to jump through hoops to get paid. Yes, some companies will reject you. Yes, some companies have specific guidelines excluding certain services.

Yes, you can get paid.

What You Need To Do To Bill

My friend Kat Fulton has set up a music therapy paradise over at It is home to online CMTE’s focusing on a variety of topics (even one on marketing from yours truly!). Jamie, who I mentioned earlier as my mentor through this process, is teaching a course on reimbursement. It is a must have. She is even offering two phone calls for those who sign up before July 27th.

I could not have begun this process without Jamie’s guidance. Before we met and became friends, I had planned to sit down and hash out the process on my own, but I know that I never would have gotten around to it. Jamie laid it all out for me in an easy format that this way too busy music therapist could follow.

If I can do it, you can too.

Go forth and bill, Music Therapists!