We are approaching that point in the summer again. It’s the time when you start to realize that the year is going to be drawing to a close and the days of summer are ending. School is starting soon.

With school starting back in just a few short weeks, I find myself asking what I can do to help my clients to transition from the somewhat relaxed summer schedule back to the rigors of academia. A lot of things change!

Many of my kiddos have to meet new teachers, get up earlier, remember their backpack and lunchbox, meet and make new friends, and then actually start to work on the concepts that they will be learning at school! I wanted to share with you a few of the things I am working on for helping to make some of these tasks just a little bit easier.

Morning Schedule Cards: If anyone is like I am in the morning, it can be hard to remember to open both of your eyes, much less the order in which we need to complete our before school to-dos! I am going to be breaking out these cards and my What Do We Do In The Morning song this week to help my kiddos  start thinking about getting back into that routine!

Social Skills Songs: I have to credit Rachel Rambach for one of my favorite social skill songs, What Do You Do? This song has seen so many different versions of itself in my clinic, that I sometimes forget the original verses! We’ve covered everything in this song from waving to goodbyes, to how you respond to sad friends and bullies. I love versatile tools!

Role Playing: I suppose it isn’t really role playing when I am not pretending to play, but actually am! Music is so wonderful in that so many of our social skills can be addressed just by playing together for a few minutes. We practice sharing, offering instruments, making kind suggestions and appropriate responses all in the framework of making music! Because really, what DO you do when someone grabs the maraca that you were reaching for?

Academic Skills: Some of these skills have been addressed consistently throughout the summer. The clinic has seen letter and color and number recognition, counting, and matching. We’ve talked about animals and the different places to go in the summer, and so much more! I’m always excited for school to start back up so that I can help some of my kiddos learn their material from school (and I often get to learn as well!). I can’t wait to hear what we’ll be studying this year.

Do you have any special transition tools? Do you have more ideas for songs or activities to help starting school be a bit easier? Let me know in the comments!