You may remember my post a few weeks ago about how grateful I am for the opportunity to attend my first ever national conference of the American Music Therapy Association. It is here! I am leaving tomorrow morning for Atlanta and am so excited!

If you’ve been following me on facebook or twitter, you’ve been hearing about my agony over which sessions to attend. I go through a similar situation each year for regional conference, but no regional I’ve attended has ever had a 90 page program.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I am looking forward to at conference:

Meeting all of my online friends! You might have noticed, but I have some music therapy pals in the digital realm. I’m finally going to get to put non pixelized faces to their names/websites/handles etc! I have been talking to some of them for well over a year as well, so it is about time! Friends like Kat Fulton, Kimberly Sena Moore, Meryl Brown, Ginny Driscoll, Jenny Sokira, Rachel Rambach and many many more are on my list of must sees!

Learning TONS. Did I mention that there is a 90 page program? Some sessions have me at a four way toss up: there are so many things I want to know about, but ultimately, I’m sticking with sessions that I feel can help me become a better. Some of the highlights  on my schedule? Integrating Music Therapy Into Group Social Skills, Online Resources for Autism Spectrum Disorders, and a CMTE course that I am super excited about, Music Therapy for Speech Rehabilitation.

Micky Hart, Jodi Picoult, and Ben Folds. Yes, you heard me. AMTA 2011 is jam packed with celebrities. I am so excited to get to be in the same building with these powerhouses!

That’s what I am looking forward to at my first ever conference, what are you looking forward to? Tell me in the comments!

By the way, this is an extremely special week in music therapy! Not only do we have our national conference of the American Music Therapy Association, but we’ve also been highlighted on ABC’s special about Gabby Gifford’s recovery!

And PS! Don’t forget to come find me at the clinical practice forum! I’ll be talking about preparing for professional life!